What is TADeSP?

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Description of the research activity

The group is made up of researchers from the Computer Science Department who, for a long time, have collaborated with each other and with other groups outside the University, thus integrating a wide diversity of knowledge and research.

The team works on various interrelated and complementary lines of research, which share the common objective of analyzing the aspects that intervene in the relationship of the person who interacts with the software to be developed. From the improvement of Software Engineering techniques aimed at capturing the needs of all software users, through the design of interfaces that are better adapted to the end user, the study of natural language recognition techniques and Machine Learning that allows progress in the automation and improvement of processes, all taking into account the gender perspective and the diversity of the people who will use the applications, with the ultimate objective of providing advances in software quality from the point of view of human sight.

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Scientific and technical objectives

Development of new software production methods

Study of the impact of gender and other psychosocial factors in software development

Design, development and improvement of software systems with autonomous capabilities

Improvement of the user experience by adapting to the context of the interaction

Definition of design methods and metrics to optimize the usability of the interfaces

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For any question, contact the team via email: tadesp@uv.es